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We offer professional consultancy on foreign economic activities and court proceedings at affordable price and in reasonable time. 

Legal Consultancy on Foreign Economic Activity

Legal Evaluation of Foreign Economic Activity Contracts and Agreements

Designing Contract/Documents for Foreign Economic Activities

Legal Review of the Foreign Economic Activity Contracts Provided by Foreign Partners

Designing Contracts and Agreements in English

Evaluation and Correction of the Foreign Economic Activity Contracts

Legal Services of Procedural Documents Design

 Issues of specific foreign economic activities situations and possible solutions are reviewed from the point of view of legal consequences for commercial relations with foreign partners in accordance with international law and law of the Russian Federation.

Resolution of problem issues and «hidden rocks» of the foreign economic activities  

  • foreign economic activities contracts and projects are reviewed not against templates, but on the basis of elimination or minimization of risks and possible problems of specific clients’ situations
  • typical affordable solutions are developed for standard foreign economic activities risks and problems, however they are also regularly updated in accordance with amendments to the laws and foreign economic activity practices
  • solutions for rare, non-standards and specific risks and issues are developed on the basis of special legal research

Legal solution in two-language format

  • elimination of any culture-specific vocabulary in documents and negotiations, higher equivalence of tests in different languages (Russian and English) than in case of simple translation
  • correct use of terms, quotations, titles, wordings of international conventions, publications of the International Chamber of Commerce, and etc.
  • necessary level of elaboration and explanation for legal concepts and Russian realia which are unclear to the foreign partners
  • higher speed and quality of two-language documents preparation than in case of simple translation

Service confidentiality 

  • commercial information and data are requested from the client only to the extend they are regulated by legal norms or necessary for the services
  • if the client desires, legal issues may be reviewed without such confidential data as company names, names, addresses, banking details, exact amounts, etc.
  • after the execution of any order all client’s materials and documents are returned to the client
  • company names, trademarks and names of specific projects are not used for advertisement
  • these confidentiality provisions and obligation to protect confidential information from disclosure are provided for in the legal services contract