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Welcome to the website of the legal consulting company  Magister & Partners LLC!

We are ready to offer you:

Complex consulting on issues of foreign trade activities for residents and non-residents of the Russian Federation.

Legal support for the transactions with foreign stakeholders (foreign law, foreign counteragent,subject of the transaction is not in the Russian Federation, etc.);

Organization of the foreign economic transactions, development of a best possible contract framework taking the following aspects into account:

  • form and procedure of the foreign economic transactions;
  • selection of the applicable law and conflict of laws regulation of the foreign economic transactions;
  • international regulation of the foreign economic transactions;

 • Legal support of transactions related to property acquisitions (real estate), both in the Russian Federation and abroad.

  • Legal support to the companies, legal analysis of Russian and foreign legislation, both in the Russian Federation and abroad, issue of legal opinions on different issues demanding legal analysis and elaboration of the company’s stand.
  • Development of full set of internal regulations of the company.
  • Consulting on different issues related to labor contracts.
    • Analysis of specifics of national law of foreign countries, where employees of the company will be transferred to subsidiaries or branches of Russian companies, to identify opportunities of the employees’ transfer in the frames of the personnel assignment (service) agreements.
    • Analysis of tax and other consequences which may arise due to execution and performance of the personnel assignment (service) agreement, also in relation to an opportunity for the employees to make fixed-term labor contracts with the assigning company and with the receiving company at the same time.
    • Drawing up labor contracts, personnel assignment agreements and additional agreements to those.
    • Analysis and development of contracts with external counteragent.
    • Participation, if necessary, in negotiation (written or verbal) with foreign counteragents carried out in English.
    • Legal protection of the company’s interests and legal support to the activities of its divisions and units.
    • Participation at the arbitrage courts’, courts’ of general jurisdiction, tribunals’ hearings as the plaintiff’s (defendant’s) representative for the claims arising out of civil legal relations.
    • Support of claim and action operations, including information collection on the subject matter of the issue and further preparation of claims and actions; action operations at all courts and institutions, execution procedures, professional advocacy of the positions on alleged claims and actions.
    • Foreign trade freight operations: legal analysis of the asserted claims (demurrage, dead freight, shifting), issue of legal opinions on lawfulness of these claims subject to Russian and international law and related interaction with foreign corporate buyers on issues of overseas transport.
    • Preparation or supervision of preparation of the supply, charter, rent, loan and purchase contracts.
    • Professional analysis of invoices and attached documents if the company renders legal services to Russian and foreign legal firms.
    • Issue of legal opinions on different issues of the company activities demanding legal analysis and elaboration of the company’s stand.
  • Interaction with international and Russian institutions. Preparation of legal documents in Russian and English in the process of such interaction.

Call us and you will get:

  • professional approach and quality of services
  • strict adherence to the set deadlines
  • compliance with the professional ethics, individual approach and confidentiality.