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Project creation in Russia

> > Project creation in Russia



Any foreign investor has the right to create a legal entity by means of registration of a new company under the law of the Russian Federation, both independently and with its Russian partner, as well as to acquire participation interests (shares) in already existing Russian company.

Activity of an enterprise with foreign investment, which is created on the territory of the Russian Federation,comply with the legislation , which regulates the registration of such companies with foreign investments, and also their legal status, taxation, restrictions on buying holding of shares (block of stock) in individual sectors (industries), the subordination to labor legislation.

Generally there are different legal and organizational forms of enterprises with foreign investment, including with equity participation of foreign capital or with 100-percent foreign investment

The most popular form for such kind of projects (companies) is Limited Liability Company (LLC), Open and close joint stock companies – OJSC and CJSC

And accordingly decision of the choice of a legal form is taken by the company in accordance with business goals, share capital and the number of founders, and many other operation factors.

Companies with foreign investment can be subsidiaries or affiliated companies.

According to the letter of the law within the territory of RF the society is recognized as subsidiary in the event that the other (principal) economic society or partnership has the opportunity to determine decisions taken by the subsidiary company by virtue of the prevailing participation in its share capital or in accordance with the contract concluded between them or otherwise.

  • Opening of a representative office of a foreign company in Russia
  • Opening a branch of a foreign company in Russia
  • Registration of the company with foreign investments in Russia  

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