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Changing accrediting authority

> > Changing accrediting authority
Changing accrediting authority

1. *) A written application to the FBI SRC with the Russian Ministry of Justice  for accreditation of a foreign legal entity’s representative office in the Russian Federation
(in printed form, signed by an authorized person, indicating  the number of the permit for the establishment of a representative office, its date of issue and expiry as well as expected accreditation period) 

2. *) Extract from the Trade Register or any other document issued by a registration body of foreign legal entity’s country of origin containing information on its location, officials and their authorities. 

3. Articles of Association (foundation agreement) of a foreign legal entity
(If laws of a foreign legal entity’s home jurisdiction do not require the Articles of Association (foundation agreement), the foreign legal entity should provide a document issued   by registering authority confirming this regulation). 

4. *) The decision of a foreign legal entity to accredit its representative office at the FBI SRC with the Russian Ministry of Justice and to approve the regulation due to the change of accreditation authority.(the decision may be made by the representative office’s head, if he is authorized to do so)

 5. The original and a certified copy of Regulations on a representative office of a foreign legal entity in the Russian Federation. 

6. The original or a certified copy to of a permit to establish a representative office. 

7. The original of the Certificate on inclusion of a representative office in the Uniform State Register. 

8. A certified copy of the document confirming registration of a foreign legal entity with the tax authorities of the Russian Federation and assigning it Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). 

9. *) A reference letter from a foreign bank servicing a foreign legal entity testifying to its solvency (the document is valid for 6 months from the date of issue) 

10. Letters from Russian banks regarding opening accounts for foreign legal person or its representative office. 

11. *) A certified copy of the General Power of Attorney on vesting a head of a Russian representative office  with all the requisite powers. 

12. A certified copy of the Power of Attorney attested by notary issued to an authorized person to handle matters with the FBI SRC with the Russian Ministry of Justice. 

13. A completed data sheet on a foreign legal entity’s representative office.(submitted in two  printed copies signed by an authorized person)

 *) Foreign documents are accepted only if they bear authentic marks that they have been  legalized by the consulate or apostilled unless exemption from these procedures is granted under international treaties to which the Russian Federation is a party; the documents should  also be enclosed with a Russian translation certified by the notary or consular services. These documents should be valid for a year from the date of issue, except for Items 9 and 11.
 Note. Powers of Attorney and decisions are accepted only with the parties’ signatures and authorities certified by the notary.

In case there is no notary certification of the parties’ authorities, additional confirmation documents should be provided (resolution on and certificate of appointment of officials, extract from the register specifying the authorities of officials, etc.). 

Regulations  on a representative office are accepted with the notary certified signature of a person signed thereof